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Alice Chandler (b.1993, Leeds) is an artist and researcher currently living and working in Leeds, UK.

Chandler’s practice is informed by the intersection between art, craft and design. By learning about and utilising various craft processes, she creates series of works that build narrative and interrogate our relationship with the domestic and wearable. Dependent on display and context, her work can be at once sculptural, functional, or decorative. Chandler is interested in object and material networks that contain layered histories, etymologies, narratives, myths, and meaning. She often draws from the material culture and history of her hometown of Leeds. Exploring patchwork as method; she considers what happens when you put things in dialogue, and how they begin to juxtapose, interconnect or form relationships. As a maker, she starts to raise questions around value, production, retail and display.


Her PhD research is currently exploring artist networks in Yorkshire in partnership with YVAN.


University of Leeds

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